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His Star: Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ

In honor of our heavenly Father on this Father’s Day, I am thankful to say that a new DVD has just become available on called “His Star: Dating the Birth of Jesus Christ” by John Crouch (

It is a wonderful presentation that answers the question of what the Magi saw in the sky that would allow them say, “For we have seen his star in the east and are come to worship him” (Mathew 2:2).

It was over 30 years ago that John Crouch was researching this topic to help aid Dr. Wierwille as he was developing the book “Jesus Christ our Promised Seed.” Dr. Wierwille wrote, “John Crouch’s scientific contribution to Part I of this study regarding astronomy is most illuminating and exciting in bringing to light the unparalleled accuracy and depth of God’s dynamic Word written in the stars.” John Crouch has been teaching it live ever since. We finally have his presentation preserved on DVD for the whole family to watch. When paired together with the book “Jesus Christ our Promised Seed,” you will have the greatest illumination of God’s Word on the subject of the birth of Christ.

On this Father’s Day, let’s remember the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

What do we really know about when Jesus Christ was born?
* Where do science and Scripture agree?
* Who were the Magi; what did they actually see in the night sky?
* What does history tell us about these pivotal times; how does this fit with Scripture?

Follow this link to purchase your own copy on

With love,

Victor Wierwille
His Star Cover

Map of Acts 16:11 — Acts 17:15

This picture is a Google Earth view showing the terrain as it is today in Greece, but what used to be called the area of Macedonia in the Bible times. However, I have marked out the locations of the cities that existed when Paul traveled through Macedonia in Acts 16 and 17. In the Bible we can read his letters written back to the church in two of these cities after he had visited them. The first two are to the “church of the Thessalonians” and one letter to “all the saints who are at Philippi.” You can use this map to visualize where Paul and his companions were located while you read Acts 16:11 — 17:15. Also, more details and truths are given as you read the epistles of I & II Thessalonians and Philippians.

Paul and his companions began by landing at Neapolis in the top right corner of this map. After traveling through the area, Paul left from the coast after teaching in Berea. I traced a line in orange which is only approximate of the path Paul that may have traveled. From this satellite view, you can see the urban area where Thessalonica used to be located (today it is called Thessaloniki). Also you can see how the lower valleys are used for agriculture, while the mountains are less inhabited and less traveled. This area is the first recorded place where the Word of God of the New Testament moved from the Eastern world to the West.

Victor Wierwille

Philippi to Berea w path

Bless Note

I wanted to share a scripture with you that blessed me and healed me the other day. I have been having so many frustrating physical issues these last 6 weeks or so, I was getting pretty discouraged at my slow progress. Then a scripture popped into my head one morning about Abraham and those verses in Romans about him believing that God was able to perform what He promises.

So I grabbed my Bible and looked it up in the NASB because that has been my go-to Bible lately. And reading it in a different version….OMG, it knocked my socks off! I had never really understood these verses completely…a little gray. But this just hit my heart and healed my heart. I guess some may argue that this version is not accurate here but all I know is it hit me right where I needed it.
H-O-W to believe God even when the circumstances suck your brain 🙂

NASB Romans 4:19,20

Without becoming weak in faith he contemplated his own body, now as good as dead since he was about a hundred years old, and the deadness of Sarah’s womb;
yet, with respect to the promise of God, he did not waver in unbelief but grew strong in faith, giving glory to God,
and being fully assured that what God had promised, He was able also to perform.


Abraham didn’t falter in his trust in God’s promise because of the obvious reality of his and Sarah’s age! He saw it. He knew it. He wasn’t pretending that it wasn’t true! But it didn’t weaken his trust in God, instead he continued to grow in his trust to God and he gave glory to God!

I know what God’s will is for His kid’s and how He is the God that heals. So instead of focusing on how I feel and what is happening with my body, I just chill and keep my focus on who God is and what is available and KNOW that God is able to perform His promises. Discouragement weakens believing. Don’t want that!!

It blessed my heart.

Jennifer Landry